Friday, February 14, 2014

Mini-projects move to GitHub

Last couple of weeks I have been working on moving mini-projects from Google Code to GitHub. The social experience provided by GitHub is unmatched. Also, Google Code seems to be a lost child of Google--as feature after feature have been removed in the recent past. The approach I am taking when moving the projects is:

  1. Export the svn-history for the mini-project, and create it as a new project under GitHub.
  2. Create git/GitHub specific source assets like and .gitignore.
  3. Update the mini-project GitHub URL in the pom.xml.
  4. Update the dependencies for the project to the latest version.
  5. Make a new minor-release through GitHub.
  6. Remove the code for the project from Google Code.
  7. Deprecate the download from Google Code.
Note that following this process, you will see lot of releases happening at WizTools. Many of them are superfluous and may not have any improvement compared to the last release. Some, like Markdown2HTML, that depend on external library for core functionality, would benefit from the new releases. So use your judgement after reading the Release Notes on deciding if you need to upgrade your software.

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