Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bulk Mailer Perl Script

By accident I came across a site which archived one of my older scripts. This is a Perl script which I wrote and used during my college days to send Newsletters to my friends. Brought back sweet memories of those days :-) Now I have repackaged and committed it in the WizTools.org mini-projects repository. This will ensure its continued development and maintenance.

Download release 1.0.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

WizTools.org commons-lib has a new home

WizTools.org commons-lib has a new home: http://wiztools-commons-lib.googlecode.com/. The source is hosted in a mercurial repository.

Regular Expression Tester 0.4.0

On the night of 31st December 2009 I released a new version of Regular Expression Tester. The previous versions of the tool did a search of only the first match of the RE pattern. The new version corrects this, and displays all the matches in the input text.