Wednesday, April 27, 2016

wiz-cliparse: the cli parsing lib that Node deserves

A couple of weeks back, when I started working in a Node.js project, I had to use a cli-parsing library for my requirement. On searching, I was repeatedly directed towards commander.js. It looked powerful and seemed to satisfy our need. But as I started using it, I found it sucking my time. Bad, and wrong documentation. No support. And overall, badly designed and executed. Every option that I tried, always ended up in opening issues, asking for help in SO.

I decided to put a stop to this mediocrity. Node deserves better. And today, I am happy to announce the better option from, the wiz-cliparse library:

Saturday, April 2, 2016

commons-lib has a new group and artifact id

Happy to announce the availability of v0.4.2 of commons-lib. Note that the artifact id and group id of the project has changed:

  1. Group id [Old => New]: org.wiztools.common => org.wiztools.
  2. Artifact id [Old => New]: wiztools-commons-lib => commons-lib.

This release fixes a error in ZipUtil.unzip() that was not failing on corrupt zip files.