Monday, April 22, 2013

Focusing on the Essentials: A way of Learning

There are many things that we do in our life that don't add any value to our life. One such thing is learning the complete detail of a technology. Ever since I started learning programming, I have taken one approach to learn: learn the essentials. Then jump into implementation. The details of the language / software / environment are just a search-term away.

When buying a technical book too, I try to avoid reference books. Most of the information available in the reference books can be fetched quicker by a web-search. What I want a book to be is like a tutor: explain the fundamentals and give enough information to inspire me to explore more.

The same approach will be followed by books published by The first in the series of books that will be published is under preparation and will be available shortly. The book covers PHP Object Oriented and Modular Programming.